Benidorm Tour 2016

Abercrave RFC – Benidorm Tour 2016

Below are the new imposed rules for Tour Fundraising 2015/2016:

1. Abercrave Polo's to be worn after match, COMPULSORY! Unless you are awaiting an order or a new player - no polo £1 fine.

2. Any player failing to shower following a game will be fined £1

3. All players are to come to stay in the club after the match to stay for the MOM/D*ck of the Day (OR 1 Hour, whichever comes first), failure to do so without prior acknowledgement - £1.00 fine

4. Allocated players/tourists must sell Raffle tickets as soon as they enter the club after the game

5. Your Soldier must be carried with you at ALL times! You must present it and copy its “Pose” when the command “Soldiers” is given!
- If caught without your Soldier – £1 fine
- If you lose your soldier - £5.00 fine for replacement

6. Dummy club will be chosen weekly! Failure to bring the appropriate items - £2 Fine!

7. A Minimum of 10 Ducks must be sold for the duck race. Failure to do so will mean you providing the difference.

8. It is compulsory to purchase tickets to any fund raising events put on by the tour committee!

9. You must never be late to anything!!! The timekeeper has the official time! (Timekeeper to be Andrew Parton or his nominated tourist when he is not there!)